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Moses' Mission

Find Freedom, Healing, and Hope with Horses.

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Group Therapy with horses is a unique type of therapy in the peaceful environment of nature and horses.  Different than traditional talk therapy, this uses an experience with horses and others to help you learn about yourself, relationships, and move forward in various areas of life. It is facilitated by EAGALA certified Equine specialist Joy Hinterkopf of Moses Mission, and one of our 2 mental health professionals, both certified in Equine Assisted Therapy and one or more of our special horses . Now putting together 6 week sessions, 90 minutes per week, for womens' groups, families, couples, veterans, and a children's group for ages 9-18. Group size varies from 5-10 participants. Custom packages available also for 1 or multiple sessions. Cost ranges from $55 to $100 per session depending on group size.

Text 931-623-2323 to sign up and get more information.


Connecting people with horses in a fun, safe setting to draw on the strength, beauty, wisdom and transformative healing power of these incredible animals.

"Words cannot adequately describe our amazing experience. I had very high anxiety and deeply rooted distrust of any horse. Joy sensed my hidden discomfort, and as we worked together, a special connection with the horses started to settle my anxiety, replacing it with a calm that I cannot describe with words. Through Joy’s knowledge, experienced training techniques, and her love and passion for these amazing horses, I had a remarkable experience."   -  Ben, participant

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