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Our Services 

Contact us for pricing.  It varies depending on services.


Moses Mission has provided excellent service for my daughter. She has gained confidence through riding, encouragement from her trainer, and healing through horses. I highly recommend Moses Mission to others!  Review from Jennifer W.

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Equine assisted services  


This is for people that prefer to experience a horse on the ground. This is a personalized, unmounted interaction with our horses. We offer EAGALA model equine assisted psychotherapy with a mental health professional.  An alternate approach is more horsemanship focused: grooming, learning about horse behavior and care, and basic horse handling. We are not an adaptive riding center set up to handle riders with physical disabilities, but we happily provide safe horse experiences that do not involve riding.  This is open to groups or individuals.

Beginner - Advanced riding lessons 

We offer beginner to advanced lessons in English or Western with a specialized focus on the discipline of dressage, a type of riding which improves balance, body control, and athletic ability. We also offer lessons in jumping, western gaming, and trail obstacles. Beginner lessons start out in our 80 ft. round pen, and once a rider can control their horse with confidence, they can move into our 80 X 170 outdoor arena.

We are able to accommodate people up to 220 lbs. as long as they are able to get on

and off the horse safely without assistance.  We have a dummy horse for participants to practice on to be sure they will be safe and comfortable with a real horse.

All students start with a private lesson to assess their skill level and suitability to fit with a group. Once they are able to ride safely by themselves, and follow instructions well, they may participate in a group lesson.

Instructor reserves the right to determine activities and group sizes based on safety and needs of the people and horses participating. 

All riders must wear ASTM-SEI approved safety helmets (provided) while mounted on a horse

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Custom Sessions
Family nights  Date nights  Team Building

This may be a mounted or unmounted session, personalized to fit the needs of each individual. Horses have a unique way of connecting with people, and using horses is a great way to teach leadership and life principles such as respect, boundaries, self-confidence and self control.  These sessions are custom designed for the people participating. Contact us for your specific needs.  We can accommodate up to 10 people per session. 


I am beyond a shadow of a doubt sure that my daughter would be labeled ADHD because she lives her life 100 miles an hour.  But when she gets on that horse, she is calm.  There is a calmness and peace that comes over her. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."  - Tina (parent of participant)
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