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EST 2022


Rescuing broken horses, and pairing them with hurting people 

has been a dream of Joy Hinterkopf's for as long as she can remember.

She has always found horses to be a place of refuge, and strength in her own life, and has

longed to one day share the healing and hope through horses, with others.

That day finally came!

Moses' Mission was unofficially started when Joy Hinterkopf, and her daughter Hope, were driving on Interstate 40 and saw an emaciated, severely injured horse standing on the shoulder of this major highway...they knew leaving him wasn't an option.

Literally all the odds were against them, but God was with them, and with his help they

saved this precious horse, Moses!

Soon after Moses came home, they realized that he was a very special horse. Not only was he severely traumatized, but up until that day on I-40, he had never had any human contact and was a 3 yr old wild stallion. In his injured and feverish condition, he bonded with them immediately, and was like other horses they had raised since birth.  He was just a big, gentle puppy dog and he deeply loved people for saving him!

News about his story spread, and requests started coming in from people wanting to meet him.

And it couldn't have been more obvious that he had a purpose for helping people!

Here is a link to a video of Moses' rescue story:

Through the hard work and diligence of Connie Urbach of Cactus Creek Barn and Nature School , the rest of the abandoned herd Moses came from was rescued.  His sister Zinnia came to live at our barn.  A few months later several more horses were donated to the program to further the vision of helping people through life challenges and trauma.  And Moses' Mission continues to grow with people of all ages and walks of life coming to the farm to work with our special horses. 

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